A number of people move to Canada from India. For some of them, better career prospect is the motive while some go there to get higher education. Among the major requirements of moving to Canada, language proficiency is quite important. For this, the applicant has to clear IELTS(GENERAL) or CELPIP test.

In this post, we have discussed the details of these tests, why they are useful, and from where you can get their coaching in India.


It is the leading language proficiency test in Canada. This test is accepted by not only government but a number of other organizations in the country as a proof of language proficiency. There are different CELPIP levels starting from NA, which means the candidate didn’t appear for the test to level 12, which implies that the candidate has an advanced proficiency in both community and workplace contexts.

The candidate must at least have a score of 7 and 4 for the categories of Canada Express Entry and Federal Skilled Worker Program respectively. However, instead of just getting the minimum score as part of the requirement, the candidate is recommended to do preparations to get a higher score.

If you have taken a CELPIP test, you will get your result online in 8 business days. In case you have opted for express rating, it will take 3 business days to get your result. An email will be sent to you when the result is available.

Why is CELPIP useful?

CELPIP is considered to be more useful since it is relatively inexpensive as compared to IELTS. Taking a CELPIP test is more hassle-free since it is completed in one go. There are different components of this test and the duration of the test is 3 hours. Different sections in this test are listening, speaking, and writing. The listening section tends to have a longer duration as compared to the other two.

It is also easy to attempt as it is computer-based. Instead of writing, the candidate is required to solve the test on a computer. For speaking, voice submission technique is used.

CELPIP in India

For all those Indians who are looking to have a bright future in Canada, it is good news for them that CELPIP has started to take tests in India in Chandigarh. This provides an easy opportunity for applicants to migrate to Canada. For the preparation of CELPIP in India Punjab Chandigarh, you have to go nowhere but contact Blue Sapphire Immigration Consultants. We offer top-notch coaching services for people who want to clear CELPIP test in 1st attempt with high scores.

We have highly qualified CELPIP trainers who will guide you and help you to prepare for the test. Different handy techniques will be taught by them that will help you in achieving the desired score. Our coaching fees in nominal but you can rest assured that you will get the results you are aiming at.

Apart from coaching for CELPIP in India Punjab Chandigarh, Blue Sapphire Immigration Consultants also offer services for Canadian Immigration. Hence, there will be no requirement of contacting different organizations for different tasks related to immigration as we will do everything for you.

For more information on Canadian immigration or for preparation of CELPIP and CAEL in India Punjab Chandigarh, contact us now at +917087088141 .

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