Study in Latvia – What Indian Students Need to Know

Latvia is a beautiful country with picturesque landscapes featuring rivers, rolling hills, and lakes. It provides a favorable atmosphere for learning. That’s why many Indian students want to study in Latvia. The country has universities and colleges that offer high-quality education. They offer a wide range of study programs and courses for international students.

As one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, the business sectors of the country offer great opportunities to Indian students. The best thing about studying in Latvia is the cost. The cost to study in Latvia for Indian students is a fraction of the cost of the typical overseas studies.

Higher Education in Latvia

Education in Latvia is administered at three levels, which are municipal, institutional, and national. The Ministry of Education and Science formulates the policies regarding education. They base the academic programs in Latvian universities and colleges on applied and fundamental science.

Most programs require a thesis at the end of each stage whether it is for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. The system and the structure of the programs might seem complex, it guarantees graduates have a high level of competency as they enter the professional world.

Why Study in Latvia

Latvia has a lot to offer to Indian students. The government prioritizes education. They also introduced reforms to their education system. As a result, international students go to Latvia to enroll in one of the universities and colleges in the country.

There are programs financed by the state. The government offers a scholarship to deserving students. There are two types of higher education programs available in for international students who want to study in Latvia. These are academic and professional. Universities and colleges offer these programs, but there are also some educational institutions offering professional education to Indian students.

The Latvian higher education follows the Bologna System that is divided into the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral studies.Students get a bachelor’s degree after completing three to four years of regular study. Students achieve a master’s degree after earning a bachelor’s degree and completing additional one to two years of study. Students qualify for a doctoral program if they already earned a master’s degree. Doctoral programs take three to four years of advanced studies leading to the preparation of a thesis.

Latvia study visa consultants in India says that students prefer going to the country because of its affordable education. Living costs and tuition fees are low in Latvia compared to other countries in the European Union. Universities and colleges in the country produce high quality IT and engineering graduates. Graduates with a Latvian degree can use it as in any other country in the EU.

Top Universities and Colleges in Latvia

It is important that you choose an accredited college or university in Latvia. It must have a license or charter to operate given by the appropriate higher education organization in the country. Below are the top Latvian universities and colleges.

The University of Latvia – It is a for-profit public higher education institute located in Riga. It has the accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. It offers programs and courses in various areas of study.

Riga Technical University – It is a non-profit institution also found in Riga. It has several branch campuses in Liepaja, Cesis, Ventspils, and Daugavpils. It offers degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Electronics and Telecommunications, just to name a few.

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences – It is a relatively new non-profit higher education institution located in Valmiera. It has a selective admission policy based on the students’ grades, academic records, and entrance exams.

Turiba University –It is another university found in the city of Riga. It also has campuses in Cesis, Liepaja, Jekabpils, Talsi, and Bauska. They give the opportunity to study in Latvia for Indian students.

Latvia University of Agriculture – The location of the university is in the suburban area of Jelgava. It specializes in forestry, agricultural science, and food technology. It allows study in Latvia without IELTS.

Student Visa Requirements

If you want to study in Latvia, you need to prepare several documents that include an official application form fora residence permit, passport size photographs, valid passport, and a Police Clearance Certificate.

You also need to show financial means of subsistence.That means submitting an original bank certificate with at least Rs 400,000. The certificate must come from the bank with official signature and seal. It must show the student’s complete name, date of birth and passport number.

You should also have a debit card from the same bank account. The card must be valid for international use. It is important that you bring the debit card to Latvia in order to get a resident permit from the immigration authorities.

Once you have all the student visa requirements, apply for one from the Latvia embassy in India. You must submit the application form, and copies of the invitation letter, guarantee letter, and admission letter. You are also required to submit the other student visa requirements that include the copy of bank letter, debit card, and insurance for the duration of your stay in Latvia.

Accommodation for International Students

All universities in Latvia have student dormitories. You can talk with any Latvia study visa consultants in India to learn more about accommodation options in your chosen college or university.

Career Opportunities in Latvia

After the completion of your course in Latvia, you can look for job openings in the country and in other member countries of the European Union. The other members of the European Union recognise the diploma you earned from universities and collegesin Latvia.

These are the things to know if you want tostudy in Latvia. The country allows international students to enjoy high-quality education at a lower cost. Graduates also have many career opportunities available to them as they start their professional lives after completing a course in one of the universities and colleges in Latvia.

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