Study in Cyprus


Number of international student studying in Cyprus has increased rapidly over the years. Every student should be in possession of the relevant permit issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Department. Student Visa can be issued by an Embassy/High Commission/Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in the candidate’s home country or by the Migration Department in Cyprus.


With a solid educational system, studying in Cyprus as an International student can be path breaking opportunity to explore the richest histories while living in a fantastic climate. With international students from across 25 countries including China, Russia, India and many others, students experience multi-cultural environment. Students in Cyprus receive quality education in a safe and a friendly environment at an affordable cost.


  • Competitive European Standard of Education.
  • Major international education standard, attracting students from all over the countries as it provide an ideal structure and environment for higher learning.
  • Moderate living expenses for international students.
  • Additional work opportunities along with study programs.
  • Financial aid is provided to students at various Cyprus Universities.
  • Large number of courses at reasonable prices.


The educational system in Cyprus is designed keeping in mind the interest of the students. Degrees are provided for courses like natural science, mathematics, humanities and special professional disciplines. European education System is really beneficial for the students as it will prepare career in Cyprus or in any other country.

We at Blue Sapphire Consultants aspire and guide students to study overseas right from counseling of universities, selecting the suitable courses till visa process. We help students to attain education from best of Cyprus Universities and institutes. Our experienced consultants help students choosing the right career path.


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